Brain/Spinal Cord Injuries

Brain/Spinal Cord Injuries

The number of U.S. Brain and Spinal Cord injuries per year is grave. Auto-accidents are second highest cause of yearly brain and spinal cord injuries in the U.S. According to, auto accidents account for 17.3% of yearly brain injuries in the U.S. During an auto accident, brain and spinal cord injuries can occur when a passenger is jolted severely backward/forward. In addition, this may occur when a passenger’s head hits an object in the course of the collision.

The most common head injury is a concussion. However, if unattended, more severe head injuries can lead to brain swelling and ultimately death.

Most Likely To Be Injured:


Drivers and passengers should always wear their seat belts. Following a severe auto accident or collision one should immediately consult a qualified physician to assess his/her injuries.

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